Cardboard labels

Important eye-catchers on the shelf

They are important eye-catchers on the shelf, draw attention and promote sales (e. g. flower bulbs, roses, ornamental shrubs). The quality and effect of the cardboard labels thus have a strong impact on the success of your plant product in the market.

  • different cardboard qualities

    Our cardboard labels are available in different cardboard qualities.

  • Coated with UV or dispersion paints

    The cardboard labels can be coated with UV or dispersion paints.

  • Punched Euro holes or grooved lines

    Punched Euro holes or grooved lines can be implemented during final processing.

The features of our cardboard labels

  • Put a face to your plant in a promotionally effective manner

    Cardboard labels put a face to your plant in a promotionally effective manner. They show the full beauty of a plant already at a time when it is not yet visually recognisable in the respective stage of development.

  • Your plant as a branded product

    They shape the image of your plant as a branded product. Brands give the customer the assurance of purchasing a quality product.

  • Useful information and plant care tips

    Cardboard labels contain useful information on the name, origin, time of planting, planting spot as well as plant care tips. Cardboard labels include important information for the sale, storage and invoicing (price group specification, EAN codes, etc.)

  • Legal information

    You can also add legal information to the cardboard labels, for example to advise your customers of the correct use or of potential hazards. In addition, cardboard labels provide space for mandatory standard information.