Flat bags:

For green treasures and more

They convey a strong impression, preserve product quality and create optimal visual merchandising appeal. The quality and effect of the flat bags thus have a strong impact on the success of your plant product in the market, for example. Our flat bags are used in the following areas: Seeds industry, food and small animal food industry, advertising and event agencies. Company logo, planting information, EAN and price information complement the optimal product presentation using flat bags.

As professional bags, the flat bags can be delivered in various finishes and materials.

  • Paper qualities

    one-side or two-side coated sorts.

  • Oil-repellent paper

    Oil-repellent paper can be used if the bags are to be filled with goods containing oil.

  • Coated with dispersion or UV paint

    The flat bags can be coated with dispersion or UV paint, either on the entire or on part of the surface.

  • Different bag sizes

    Different bag sizes and different Euro hole shapes can be punched.

The features of our flat bags

  • Important packaging material

    Flat bags are an important packaging material for your products.

  • Promotional plant pictures

    You can include promotional plant pictures, for example, to present your seeds in their most beautiful stage of development. You thus provide the interested buyer with an important orientation for making his or her purchasing decision.

  • Assurance of purchasing a quality branded product

    Packaging of the seeds with flat bags with individually designed graphics give the customer the assurance of purchasing a quality branded product.

  • Useful information and plant care tips

    Flat bags contain, for example, useful information on the name, origin, time of planting, planting spot as well as plant care tips.

  • Legal information

    Flat bags include important information for the sale, storage and invoicing (price group specification, EAN codes, etc.) You can also add legal information to the flat bag, for example to advise your customers of the correct use or of potential hazards. Flat bags also provide space for mandatory standard information.