Image labels:

Hangtags for plants

The sale of plants is inconceivable without the use of hangtags. On the one hand, depending on the stage of development, the plant is not visually recognisable. On the other hand, the customer wishes to obtain easy information on name, origin and care of the plant. A visually attractive label will eventually produce the decisive impulse for making a purchase.

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Nova Beauty design labels

haengeetiketten-2016-8nova – beauty – New in the design and thus an ideal marketing aid for selling your plants. This is the new stick-in label and hangtag product range. New, promotional plant pictures with a fresh and modern nova beauty design make these labels special. Feedback from our customers has confirmed this impressively: The shape and design of the new label range has been received with enthusiasm.

Poulsen Rosen + Clematis

bildetiketten-poulsen-haengeetiketten-label-2New and exclusive at Nova Gawepa, you can now obtain stick-in labels and hangtags featuring the plants of world famous purveyor to the Danish Royal Court Poulsen Roser A/S. Promotional plant pictures – these special labels come with a fresh and modern nova beauty design. Download the order list you wish or, alternatively, allow us to send it to you.

Hangtags special designs


For special stick-in labels and hangtag designs, the label layout is tailored to your product or product line. A punching mould is produced to cut the labels in the special shape. Naturally, you can also use existing punching moulds – we have many shapes for production available.

This allows you to effectively develop and build up the success of your branded product.

Clearance sale stick-in labels

eurolabel-1For our clearance sale, we have further reduced the sale prices for existing 
remaining stocks of our stick-in labels and hangtag in the formats in the margin. Simply complete the order list and fax it to us!

Nova Beauty stock labels:
Image labels as hangtags

»nova beauty« design hangtags

Format: 80 x 96 mm / 53 x 80 mm
Now fruit with detailed descriptions in German!

Poulsen stock labels:
Image labels as hangtags

»Poulsen Rosen+Clematis« 

Hangtags – Formate: 80 x 96 mm and 97 x 165 mm

Clearance sale stock labels:
Image labels as hangtags
10 percent discount

Raindrop labels

Format: 73 x 94 mm
Sale price >> 28,– EUR (plus VAT)

Euro Label

Format: 60 x 77 mm
Sale price >> 20,– EUR (plus VAT)