Green World – more than 120.000 pictures 
in one database

As a licensee of Nova Photo Graphik, our gardening-themed
library comprises approx. 100 000 digital images of plants, flowers, vegetables, 
gardens, parks, landscapes …


We guarantee pictures in the highest quality taken by professional photographers for plant labels, seed bags, cardboard labels, catalogues, posters and much more.

Garden themes, close-up pictures of individual flowers, bunches and bouquets, individual plants, 
entire gardens, parks and landscapes – almost any plant, in any stage of growth.
And if we do not have a particular picture, our photographs can take it.

Choose your pictures from the following categories:

  • Deciduous shrubs / trees, bushes, palms

  • Ericaceous plants

  • Hedges

  • Twiners and climbers

  • Conifers

  • Container plants

  • Fruits and fruit trees

  • Roses

  • Perennial herbs, ferns and ornamental grasses

  • Garden illustrations, house & garden

  • Indoor and pot plants

  • Bonsai

  • Orchids

  • Summer flowers

  • Legumes

  • Vegetables, herbs and spices

  • Cactuses and succulents

  • Flower bulbs and corms

  • Patio plants

  • Calendar of festive holidays

  • Trendy photographs