Sales displays

Strong means of advertising

They create the promotional framework and turn your sales shelf into a successful product presentation. The quality and effect of the sales displays thus have a strong impact on the success of your plant product in the market.

The features of our sales displays

  • individually designed and tailored to your product presentation

    The sales displays are individually designed and tailored to your product presentation. This includes not only the graphical design, but also the shape of the sales display. This allows you to accentuate the uniqueness of the plant in an even more intensive form and build up the image of a branded product. Brands give the customer the assurance of purchasing a quality product.

  • Promote sales

    The displays promote sales and present your product in an attractive setting.

  • Show the full beauty of a plant

    The sales displays also show the full beauty of a plant already at a time when it is not yet visually recognisable in the respective stage of development.

  • Price information as eye-catchersr

    The sales displays emphasise price information as eye-catchers and are thus an important purchasing incentive.